Why Should You Consider Switching to Low-Acid Coffee?


When you drink coffee, does it mess with your stomach? Does this mean you need to forego your coffee fix for stomach relief? I think not. There is a better solution. You need to swap your usual brew with low or no-acid coffee brands.

Low-acid coffee brands.

A cup of coffee has an acidic pH that ranges 4 to 5. You cannot drink several cups of coffee daily because it will affect your digestion, stomach, and tooth enamel. If you get stomach-related problems whenever you drink coffee, you should opt for no-acid coffee brands. A good coffee brand will remove acid from the coffee using a natural process while maintaining all its flavor, aroma, and caffeine. If the coffee is acidic, it will affect your pH levels. You may prefer low-acid coffee due to the following:

  • The doctor suggested that you reduce your intake of acidic foods.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Preference of coffee with low acid.

Why does coffee cause stomach-related problems?

Coffee with a high acidic content can accelerate digestion. If the amount of acid in your stomach increases, heartburn and acid reflux occurs easily. Coffee contains 30 different naturally occurring acids. The two acids include:

  1. Quinic acid.

During the coffee roasting process, the by-product produced is quinic acid. When the coffee has been burned, reheated, or left out to sit for a long time, the concentration of this acid increases. Quinic acid is the reason for stomach upset.

  1. Chlorogenic acid.

This type of acid is packed with antioxidants and hence has various essential health benefits. The concentration of this acid reduces the longer the coffee is roasted.

It is a natural stimulant that increases:

  • Digestive tract contractions.
  • Production of stomach acid.

Low-acid coffee.

To get less or no acid coffee brands, consider the following:

  1. Dark roasts.

When we compare medium or light roast, dark roast coffee is less acidic. The longer the roasting time, the fewer the compounds stimulating the stomach cells to produce acid.

  1. Cold brew.

It is produced when ground coffee is soaked in cold or room-temperature water for 12 to 24 hours. This process helps to reduce the bitterness of coffee making it less acidic.

  1. Espresso beans.

The process of brewing an espresso drink is shorter when compared to dark roast coffee, therefore reducing the acid that filters into your coffee cup. Espresso is gentler on the stomach because it is consumed in smaller portions.

  1. Chicory or mushroom coffee.

When you blend coffee with extracts from chicory plants or mushrooms, it will have less acid. Mushroom also has health benefits like boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation.


Coffee lovers with a sensitive stomach or acid reflux don’t have to quit coffee for stomach relief. No-acid coffee brands will allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee without any worry. Drinking coffee may cause stomach issues due to the acid and caffeine present in it. Dark roasts, cold brews, espresso beans, and chicory or mushroom coffee are examples of low-acid coffee.