Why Giving Chocolate at Christmas Is an Excellent Idea


In the 1900s, England’s Queen Victoria gave chocolates as gifts to her soldiers and sailors as part of their traditional Christmas present; it was a trend many people adopted across Europe and other nations. Chocolate is a great Christmas gift for many reasons, which we will discuss in this short article. We will look at some of the special tasty treats that Christmas is famous for and some of the luxury Chocolate brands which are our favourites in the festive season.

Why Chocolate Is a Great Gift

Chocolate, in one form or another, is popular with virtually everyone, with its vast array of different flavours, textures, and combinations with other ingredients. Milk chocolate makes an excellent gift for those with a sweet tooth or for more sophisticated palates dark chocolate has a wonderfully rich and complex cocoa taste. It is a great gift as it gives the receiver a feeling of being slightly spoilt as the chocolate, we buy at Christmas is normally special and something they would not normally buy for themselves. Its versatility and its ease of transport mean it is also a superb option when sending gifts to friends and relatively far away.

Christmas Chocolate Specials

In early December, we start looking forward to Christmas and all the gifts, treats and traditions that come with it, and Christmas would not be Christmas without chocolate. We all like to indulge over the festive period, and some of our favourite chocolate treats are –

  • Chocolate tree ornaments – no tree is properly decorated with those foil-wrapped delights.
  • Chocolate Yule Log – a delicious seasonal cake with layers of cream and sponge.
  • Chocolate Christmas Pudding – for those who dislike the traditional recipe.
  • Chocolate Advent Calendars – a treat a day to help children count down to Christmas day.

Many other recipes are embellished with chocolate during the holiday period to add that little touch of decadence and make that dessert, cake, or biscuit special.

Our Favourite Christmas Chocolates

All over the world, our favourite chocolate producers step up their game every Christmas and provide us with a wealth of special chocolate gifts with which to spoil our loved ones. Christmas in the UK is famous for the Quality Street selection tins, while on the high street Thorntons are well-known for their superbly packaged luxury chocolates. Further afield manufacturers such as Lindt of Switzerland and Ferrero Rocher of Italy produce Christmas favourites which we all look forward to opening on Christmas day.

There is simply no reason why chocolate is not a great gift this Christmas; find your local chocolate specialist and find out what they have to offer today.