Try These 5 Easy Recipes With Frozen Snacks!


The Indian market is loaded with frozen snacks, and these products are incredibly convenient and flavourful. For a busy family that’s working through the week, frozen snacks are a good way to spice up weekends and in-house parties. In this post, we are sharing 5 easy recipes that you can try with varied options.

Tikki wrap

Who doesn’t love aloo ki tikki? Instead of just frying the tikki on its own, you can turn it into a full meal. Get some ready wrap breads or make thin rotis. Now, fry or bake the tikkis as you like and place them on the heated wrap bread/roti. Add some chopped veggies of your choice, with sauces like chipotle, mustard or simple mayo. Roll it in butter paper and serve hot!

Cheesy fries

French fries are great as a snack on any given day, but if you want to experiment a bit more, go for cheesy fries. You can fry the French fries, add processed cheese of your choice, and bake the tray to have a classic snack on the go. Add some more ingredients like minced chicken and veggies, and you will turn the tray into a simplified pie.

Homemade burger

If you are fond of burgers and don’t want to spend as much on fast food chains, you can make your own version at home. Buy frozen burger patty, which can be fried or baked as required. Layer the burger bread with some lettuce, place the patty, and add sliced onions and tomatoes. If you are feeling fancy, go ahead and add two burger patties instead of one with one or two slices of cheese!

Smiley sandwich

Frozen potato smileys can be used to make a simple sandwich on the go. Fry the smileys and keep aside. Take bread of your choice, add mayonnaise and other dressings, place the fried smileys, add a slice of cheese, and cover with another piece of bread. You can even choose to grill the sandwich if you like.

Mixed platter

What can be more fun than a platter of amazing frozen foods? Just take whatever mix of snack items you have, fry and serve all in a single plate. You can add melted cheese on the top use peri-peri and other seasonings if you like. Mixed platters are also great with dips and some salad on the side, especially for a casual beer party at home.

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