Love Michelada? Try This Recipe To Make Yours At Home!


Mexico is famed for many things, but beer cocktails definitely top the list. Michelada is a traditional beer cocktail from Mexico, made with chilled beer, lime, and a mix of unique spices. Also called chelada, micheladas are popular as a daytime and nighttime drink alike, and you will love to grab your cocktail while watching a match or simply chilling with Netflix. There are varied versions of the Michelada, and if you have been looking for easy chelada recipes, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

How is michelada made?

What makes michelada so special is the limited list of ingredients that go into the cocktail. If you try to make your own spice mix for the michelada, it may take a lot more time and effort. Most people who make the drink at home prefer to use michelada mixes that are readily available in the market. Almost every recipe of michelada includes ice-chilled beer and lime juice. Some recipes often have a lot more, including pickled veggies, carrots, and even seasoning that contain MSG.

Making your own michelada

There are just a few ingredients required to make the michelada. Start with making your list – beer, lime juice, michelada mix, salt, and beer mug. Ideally, michelada is made in a cold mug, so it’s best to chill your cocktail mug before using. As an alternative, you can use ice too.

Here are the steps at a go-

  1. Cut your lime/lemon and rub it around the rim.
  2. Dip the rim in salt, just as done with many standard cocktails.
  3. Now squeeze lime juice into the mug. Increase the quantity if you like the citrus flavor.
  4. Add your michelada mix. Check the packet for the serving size required for one michelada.
  5. Now pour in your favorite beer into the mug

Keep in mind that fancy recipes of michelada may seem enticing but if you are making your own for the first time, stick to the basic one. Also, not all michelada mixes are the same, so do your homework and find a brand that doesn’t compromise on the quality and taste.

Beer cocktails have come a long way in the last few years, but the michelada remains a classic and a favorite. Check for michelada mixes and for your next party, choose to make something for your guests. Those ready michelada drinks never really give the same kick!