An All Natural Lifestyle With Great Cooking Tips and Natural Treatments!


Uncover many interesting “Tips in Cooking” and “Natural Treatments” for the Households. Making existence simpler is paramount. Easy living, coupled with natural substitutes for any healthy existence are members of the world today.

Dusting Cake Tins

Be sure to dust a cake tin with cacao rather of flour when creating a chocolate cake.

Melting Frozen treats!

Press a marshmallow into the foot of an frozen treats cone to avoid cone from going saturated and frozen treats dripping.

Stop Egg Shells from cracking

Give a pinch of salt to water before hard-boiling eggs to avoid egg shells from cracking.

Cleaning Milky Glasses

Use cold water to wash as warm water makes milk “stick” towards the glass.

Removing Oil Stains

To get rid of oil stains, rub the region with a bit of lime drizzled with salt.

Make Ripe Tomato plants firm

Make ripe tomato plants firm – Dip tomato plants in cold water – add salt and then leave overnight.

Removing Fresh Lemon Juice

To extract fresh lemon juice easily, soak lemons in serious trouble for 10-fifteen minutes.

Removing Fat

Float a lettuce leaf at first glance of fresh homemade soup and will also take away the fat.

Fry Crispy Onions

Before frying onions, absorb milk for one hour in advance and they’ll come out crispier.

Brown Onions Faster

Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to onions when frying and they’ll brown faster.

Eliminate Fish Odour

To eliminate fish odour from containers/pans after cooking, brew tea in containers/pans for 10-15 mins.

Help make your own Oil Spray

Find some good essential olive oil along with a hands-pumped sprayer.

Homemade Breadcrumbs

Cut stale bread into pieces and put in oven to roast. Crumb in blender. Store in airtight container.

Wooden Skewers & BBQ’s

Before using wooden skewers on hot grill or bbq, absorb water not less than 20 mins to avoid wood from burning.


When grilling your favourite meat, use tongs as piecing meat having a fork causes precious juices to flee.

Lumpy Salt Prevention

To avoid salt from becoming lumpy in damp weather, give a couple of grains of grain to salt shaker.

Pasta Rinsing

Never rinse pasta, because this will wash away the majority of the starches and nutrients.

Pasta & Essential Olive Oil mixed

Never add essential olive oil to pasta cooking water, because the essential olive oil jackets the pasta and prevents sauce from sticking into it.

Pasta Water

Try adding some pasta water towards the sauce to include flavour.

Keep individuals Ants Away!

Place 2-3 cloves within the sugar bowl to help keep individuals ants away!

Mushroom Slicing

Use an egg slicer to slice organic mushrooms!

Avoid sticky Pasta

To prevent sticky pasta, prepare in several water.

Are Eggs fresh?

Old eggs are smooth and glossy. Fresh eggs possess a rough and chalky covering.

Lemon Squeeze

Lemons keep going longer should you puncture it and squeeze out what you would like. Place in refrigerator.

Crimson Cabbage

To avoid red cabbage from turning crimson, give a tablespoons of of fresh lemon juice when cooking.

Cabbage Odour

To avoid cabbage odour when cooking, give a slice of lemon.

Salt Stains on Footwear

To get rid of salt stains from footwear and boots, use vinegar and water.

Perfect Meringue

Always employ fresh eggs eggs separate best when cold eggs have to be at room temp for greater volume when whipped.

Butter & Cakes

Real butter is much better when cooking cakes!

Cake Cooling

For much better results, before loosening edge and turning cake out onto wired rack, leave cake to awesome in cake tin for 10-fifteen minutes.

The Right Cake

A Cake won’t rise evenly if oven temperatures are excessive and/or flour isn’t blended sufficiently into mixture.

Deodorize Microwave

Place 1/2 lemon, 1 cup water along with a couple of cloves right into a bowl and boil for five mins.

Batter Tips

A batter will curdle and separate if butter and sugar weren’t creamed good enough before adding eggs.

Cakes that Crack!

If the top of the a cake cracks, the temp was hot and/or even the cake wasn’t on center rack.