3 Pizza Types You Must Definitely Try Next Time


Nowadays, people believe that pizza is all about storing and consuming it in a box. They don’t even imagine pizza anything other than round and foldable pepperoni pie with triangular slices and melted cheese. Not that it’s their fault, because they are so used to eat the typical pizza at a pizza place nearby. But they must also understand that pizza has always been flexible when considered in the worldwide stance. Here are the types of pizza you must definitely give a try at pizza places in Florida.

  1. New York style pizza

This pizza is majorly served in the US. This pizza is also widely recognized in movies and TV. This pizza is round shaped, has a foldable thin crust and is exclusively cut into triangular slice. People usually love the classic cheese pizza with a topping of pepperoni. This pizza is deemed the default pizza delivered by most of the pizza stores. New York style pizza is deemed the most definitive and structurally perfect pizza. The secret to making this pizza is that the pie is stored in a locally sourced mineral water to make the dough which is further fermented slowly for two days.

  1. Chicago pizza

When it comes to Chicago pizza, you may find the pie loaded with sauces and cheeses so as to make it easy for you to differentiate it from the New York style pizza. While the latter is light and simple deep dish pie. But a Chicago deep dish has a unique design. It begins with a dough which is spread on a deep and round pan. Then the topping is made with cheese, ravishing pizza topping and sauces. Then the tomato sauce is applied on the top to shield the cheese from burning from baking it for 45 to 60 minutes. Besides the melting the cheese, the fats and oils delve deeply into the crust which makes it crispy, flaky and a bottom of a golden brown color.

  1. Neapolitan pizza

This is the grandfather of all pizzas. This is because this pizza actually migrated from Italy to Ellis Island. This pizza may be a bit similar to New York style pizza but has a delicate, thinner and softer crust. This pizza is typically so delicate in structure that many prefer to eat it with a knife and fork. In order to make this pizza, you need to follow some rules to deem it authentic. The tomatoes to be used to make this pizza must always San Marzano, the cheese must always be formulated from the milk of a water buffalo and the pie must not be cooked longer than 90 seconds in a real wood fire oven.